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Scientists have confirmed that the combined effect of the Sun and Moon on the Earth's oceans, the tide , [28] is greatest when the Moon is either new or full. However, even at its most powerful, this force is still relatively weak, [31] causing tidal differences of inches at most. Total lunar eclipses which fall on supermoon and micromoon days are relatively rare. In the 21st century, there are 87 total lunar eclipses, of which 28 are supermoons and 6 are micromoons. Media related to Supermoon at Wikimedia Commons.

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Retrieved March 20, Retrieved August 6, Astropro No publication date; modified March 10, Retrieved 14 March Venus will be difficult to see in the solar glare, either on the night of the new moon or in the days after. The planet reached superior conjunction, or the point on the opposite side of the sun from Earth, in August. While the planet is no longer hiding behind the sun, it is still close to the sun in the sky. You are more likely to stumble upon some critical piece of information while surfing the net.

Chance encounters may lead to instant attraction and new friendships.

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Your mood may become changeable and somewhat odd. However, you should feel comfortable expressing a more unique side of your personality. The lowering of your inhibitions is what facilitates the change and excitement. Importantly, this also makes it easier to share your feelings with loved ones, especially after the anger and hostility or recent weeks. This is also a good full moon to break old habits and replace them with something new. The closest fixed star the full moon December is Menkalinan in the left shoulder of Auriga the Charioteer.

Betelgeuse is not as close but is a more significant influence. Overall, these fixed stars have a positive influence on the full moon.

But the sextile to Uranus means it should have little effect and be overpowered Betelgeuse. Robson said it gives martial honor, preferment and wealth.

How The October 12222 Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Life

Venus trine Neptune is the strongest aspect in the full moon December astrology chart besides the full moon itself. It is exact only 24 hours before the full moon. Venus trine Neptune is perfect for romance, relaxation and daydreaming. Besides finding your ideal lover, you could put your hand to any creative project but especially singing.

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Your love life will benefit from increased tenderness and compassion. While not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect encourages tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable. If the Full Moon December astrology chart directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see full moon transits.

This was my wedding day and with a full moon too it was. If this full moon opposes Natal venus natally venus is conjunct uranus.. Such assumptions are not always justified, although Taurus bosses usually take the time and trouble to spell out how they want their employees to proceed. Try not to stress over little things.

Instead, work on improving and perfecting the smaller systems in your life so that you can move on without guilt.

Transit Mercury in Sagittarius Transit Mercury in Sagittarius, our thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics. Ideals are sought, our thinking is more optimistic, and our faith increases.

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We are more equipped to believe and to persuade. What is fair and unfair concerns us most now. However, we are not always very precise under this influence. This time is very good to study, give lectures, teach and any other types of communication, such as phone calls, writing or receiving letters.

It is a very fast period, and it will be difficult to keep to yourself and stay calm, so you should be attentive, mentally flexible and ready for any new experience that may arise. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it can cause difficulties in any type of communication or transportation, nervousness, mental hesitation, misunderstandings, and you must be careful when making important decisions or signing contracts. Our talents for creating artistic structure and form are enhanced, and our ability to form connections with people who support our ambitions is increased.

We value enduring connections, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously, and we take our time to warm up to others. Transit Venus in 3rd House When Venus transits through your third house, this is one of the best moments to make short trips connected with social activities, pleasures, lovers, artistic dealings and business.

You will get along very well with your siblings, neighbors, friends and co-workers. Communication will be very fluid and there will be a very harmonious atmosphere. Your way of expressing yourself will be full of grace, tact and diplomacy. It will be a wonderful time for public relations and activities connected with promotion and publicity. There can even be pleasant and productive contact with the media.

On a deeper level, this time can provide you with the opportunity to discover that there is a considerable amount of love in your daily life, and you should seize the moment to let people know that you love them. If Venus makes difficult aspects, you may say things that are not sincere or hypocritical to avoid unpleasantness. There may also be a tendency to waste time talking about trivial things. Transit Mars in Capricorn Mars in Capricorn is deliberate, persistent energy.

We consider the future and the consequences before taking action during this cycle. Our energy is reliable and faithful. We are slow to anger, but can be quite cold if we are frustrated. The shadow side of Mars in Capricorn is rigidity. Transit Mars in 3rd House When Mars transits through your third house, you will be involved with some type of professional or corporate communication, and there may be some issue related to contracts or agreements.

It is very possible also that you have to make trips connected with business. Be careful with trying to convince others to think like you. This could happen in the course of phone calls, conversations or any other form of routine communication, and especially when you think someone is violating your belief system. Keep in mind that when the energy of Mars becomes too aggressive it is a sign of something lacking, that is, of an insecurity. It also works the other way around. Your attitude should be soft and gentle.

Everything that has been mentioned above can happen with siblings, neighbors and people who are close by. If Mars makes difficult aspects, there is the possibility of auto accidents and irritability or sarcasm in speech. Transit Jupiter in 10th House During the period when Jupiter transits through your tenth house, you will have the opportunity to progress professionally or receive public honors and recognition. It is a good time to ask favors from people who hold positions of power and authority.

If Jupiter forms difficult aspects with other planets, you may become too arrogant, authoritarian or dominant, thinking that you are above others. There may also be abuse of power and prestige for selfish reasons, then falling into disgrace. The trips you make now will be for professional and business reasons, or to associate with foreigners.

Transit Saturn in 6th House When Saturn transits through your sixth house, it is a time of heavy responsibilities and hard work. Do not waste your energy, because it is very limited and it can harm your health. If you have health problems during this period, it would be wise to observe how you handle your physical energy as a whole.

Regarding work, you will probably have greater patience, efficiency, dexterity and organizing capacity in your work. Many times it turns out that you get involved in a job related in some way to medicine. There will be a positive focus on diet and the purification of the body through proper dietary habits. If Saturn forms difficult aspects, you may have to work under disagreeable conditions, or be very tired or sick from overwork that you do not like.