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Anonymous pran Jun 25, Anonymous sss Jun 20, Anonymous raj Jun 18, Anonymous sageer Jun 18, Dear jenna,,, :p :p :p :p. Anonymous errgh May 31, Anonymous sssf May 30, Anonymous divya May 30, Anonymous baljeet May 23, Anonymous eartha Apr 18, I believe that she is evil, but, how come she is so accurate and she does not know yousky. Anonymous rajeev Apr 18, Dear jenna, Myself Rajeev, i'll may you when i done some work, Please do not give me reminder Please, :. I am so Angry!

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View more comments Share Share Tweet. Sep 18 GlumPrairieDog. Jenna Astrologer - My family problem solution and religius feture. Jul 31 EfficientSeaOtter.

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Jenna Astrologer - She is a total ripoff merchant. Rating Details Additional Fees. Customer service. Discounts and Special Offers. Price Affordability. Product or Service Quality. First she sent 2xreadings they were computer readouts but at least I thought it was genuine. Then after sending a large amount of money there was no reply. I wondered if it was a computer glitch but did not respond to her emails for 6 months. Then she started saying dark things were threatening me. She and her band of merry rip off merchants sound so plausible and empathetic but are wicked scam merchants.

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Don't fall for it. Service Jenna Astrologer Astrology Reading. Pros She sounds empathetic. Cons Did not send reading that was paid for She did not give me a reading not personalized as she promoted. Preferred solution Full refund. Jun 20 NormalMarmot. Rating Details Product or Service Quality. I want to ask you if i ever marry! Jun 13 HesitantRedAdmiral. Jenna Astrologer - Jenna a fraud and scammer!!!!!! Paid for a reading and never heard from her again unbelievable that I fell for it. Cons She is a scamster No response after money paid Did not send reading that was paid for.

Reason of review Poor customer service. May 29 PissedConsumer Anonymous Anonymous Jul 25 UppityBedlingtonTerrier i totally agree with u. View more comments 1.

"Jenna" and "Norah": Beyond Their Free Introductory Readings: How Accurate Are They?

Reason of review Problem with delivery. May 28 PissedConsumer Jenna Astrologer - Awful. Comment 0 1.

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May 26 LegalBorderTerrier. Comment 1 0. Reason of review scammer, cheater, never show up after taking money. May 23 FittingHammerheadShark Jenna Astrologer - Total Scammer. She is consistently sending me emails.


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One where she sees wonderful things happening, next one she tries fear tactics to get you to buy. Then she will want to do tarot card readings, then astrology, then numbers. Many times she just sends advise on how to think and behave! She does not respond back if you have a question or problem understanding the report.

She uses astrology terms Sun in Uranus, etc. Cons That she is a total scammer and rips people off Empty promises deceit Empty promises deceit total scammer. Reason of review Marketing deception. May 13 PissedConsumer Rupnathji Dr.

Rupak Nath Dr. Rupak Nath Paramahamsa Dr. Rupak Nath. Recipient of many medals and honours, He is at once a Physician, an astrophysicist and an applied mathematician. He is an author who has numerous publications, both technical and educational. Ancient Indian history, geology and archaeology also attracted his attention. Besides Medicinal Science, he is keenly interested in ancient Indian philosophy.

Rupnathji is more than a scientist. He is a physicist-philosopher as well versed in Sanskrit, English Hindi and Bengali literature as in physics. I have a bearded dragon, 5 rabbits, 2 donkeys, 3 budgies, 10 hens, 2 ducks, 2 geese, 4 dogs, a fish, 5 tortoises and 2 terrapins!

Orlando Florida simply because of the enormity of the place and the weather and my memories of holiday and why? Introducing Mary. In what way? What are your hobbies? Do you have any children? I have two daughters and four grandchildren Do you have a partner? I have a husband called David, we have been married since we were 19 years old Do you have any pets?