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One of the nine planets of astrological significance, the powerful planet Ketu does not have a physical presence of its own. It is merely a shadow planet. The planet is considered to be the most mysterious planet of them all.

It has the power to bring enlightenment, bliss and it also prevents one from taking rebirth when it is placed in the 12th House in the chart. Someone who has been blessed by Ketu will be able to enjoy excellent healing abilities and psychic powers. However, on the negative side, such a person can have ghost related illnesses and fears.

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Cats eye Gemstone is the stone to nullify the ill effects of planet Ketu. Rather than this Lord Ganesha plays a vital role in reducing the ill effect of planet Ketu.

GuruJi With Pawan Sinha: How To Offer Prayers To Lord Ganesha: ABP

A favorable Ketu is said to bring immense knowledge, spirituality as well as luxury, and much more. Ketu is the planet of obstruction, Lord Ganesha is the deity of Ketu, one should worship Lord Ganesha to overcome obstacle created by Ketu. This powerful astrological planet, when placed unfavorably, can bring a lot of problems in the life of the native. By wearing cats eye gemstone , one can combat the ill effects of Ketu.

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When Parvati saw this, she burst into tears. In order to console her, Shiva sent out his troops gaNa to fetch the head of anyone found sleeping with his head pointing to the north. They found an elephant sleeping thus and brought back its head. Shiva then attached the elephant's head to the body of the boy and revived him. He named the boy Ganapati, which means commander of his troops. He granted him a boon that everyone would worship him Ganesha before beginning any work. We should never take undue pride in our material or spiritual accomplishments.

The old saying "Pride always leads to a fall. Kubera the God of wealth invited Shiva and Parvati to dinner wishing to show off his riches. But, the couple denied Kubera's request and said that he could feed Ganesha instead.

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  • Kubera laughed and said 'I can feed thousands of children like this. Ganesha went to his palace and sat down to eat. He started eating all the food placed in front of him. As was the custom, more and more food was served to him, as he did not say that he had enough. Soon there was no more food in the palace and so Kubera ordered his troops to get more food from the surrounding villages. But Ganesha continued eating and there was no more food to be found. Still very hungry, Ganesha started eating all the furniture.

    Kubera became very frightened. Ganesha told him," You promised my parents you will feed me. Now, I have to eat you up as I am still very hungry ". Kubera ran away and pleaded with Shiva to save him from Ganesha. Shiva asked Kubera to give up his pride and serve Ganesha a handful of rice.


    Kubera went back to his palace. By this time, Ganesha's stomach had become very huge but the child was still hungry. When Kubera served a cup of rice with humility, Ganesha's hunger was satisfied. Gananayaka is the lord of Ganas or one who defeats Gana.

    The Mysterious Ketu And Powerful Ganesha by catseyeorgin - Issuu

    Also known as the God of wisdom and prudence, which is exemplified by his two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi. His knowledge of the scriptures is legendary. When Vyas Dev, the author of the epic Mahabharata was looking for someone who could pen his thoughts in a clean hand, without breaking stride, he turned to Ganesha, who in turn stipulated that the diction should never falter. Thus the legend goes; the largest epic in the world came into existence.

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    • Ganesha's origin is very romantic. The story goes that Shiva and Parvati were leading a very idyllic life at Mount Kailash.

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      The only hitch in the entire proceedings was that Shiva used to disappear for meditations leaving Parvati very lonely. She prayed to Lord Vishnu to grant her a boon, which the Lord happily obliged. Ganesha was a very beautiful child and all the Gods came to bless him. Only Sani Dev, his maternal uncle, failed to make an appearance for he was cursed that if he looks at anybody, his head would be instantly dismembered.

      When Parvati insisted, much to his reluctance he gazed upon Ganesha's visage and to his horror found his nephew's head get torn away from the body. Lord Vishnu tried to remedy the situation. On the foothills of Mount Kailash , he found an elephant and immediately beheaded the creature and imposed the pachyderm's head onto Ganesha's body. Parvati was dismayed at the entire proceedings. In order to alleviate her sorrow at her son's mutilated head, Shiva granted his son, Ganesha, a boon that his presence will be invariably invoked whenever any new undertaking is carried out.